Did you know that monument signs are great signage options for churches and schools? You may think that monument signs in Denver are only being used by for-profit businesses, but in fact, many faith organizations and schools choose these dignified exterior signs in order to stand out. School and church monument signs not only help to make a good first impression, but they also contribute to increased congregation size and school population.

Whether you chose stone, stucco, pre-fabricated foam, or a wood texture, creating a monument sign that is unique to your organization will help you cultivate a positive relationship with your community. Whether your facility is set back from the road or nestled along a busy street, a monument sign is an effective wayfinding tool that’s also durable enough to withstand natural elements, making it a long lasting investment.

3 Benefits Of Using A Monument Sign In Denver

If you’re still considering using a monument sign in Denver for your church or school, know that there are several benefits that make it a smart choice.


As mentioned, there are several material options when it comes to ordering a school or church monument sign. Traditional options such as stone or stucco will certainly produce a durable sign, but exterior rated foam, which is a newer option, will also give you a very sturdy sign that resists both water and insect damage that is also easily customizable. Well-constructed monument signs have a long life span, a fact that is highly important to most organizations.

Build A Positive Image

Monument signs are an excellent choice for churches and schools because they look distinguished and can be customized to suit your brand and image. Regardless of the type of material you choose, your monument sign will look great. This type of sign promotes trust and credibility, which are characteristics you want to radiate as a faith based or educational organization.

Be Easily Found

Monument signs, because of their large size and prominence, are not easily missed. Your visitors, guests, and regular attendees will not need to work hard to find your sign and will appreciate an easy to recognize landmark. Installing a school or church monument sign, will surely get you noticed.

Get A Monument Sign For Your Church Or School

It’s easy to see why monument signs help draw crowds to churches, schools, and other local institutions. If you’re ready to create a custom monument sign that will help support the positive impact you make in your community, contact Magnify Signs at 303-647-9005. With over 30 years of expertise in the signage industry, you can rely on us to help you ‘Be Seen’. Request a complimentary quote today!