As part of the ongoing efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19, business owners have been asked to close their businesses in the interest of public health and safety. This is an unprecedented situation that has stressed millions of Americans. However, after this lockdown, things will return to normal and all Americans will join together to overcome and restore the economy.

We want to help you prepare for that time. We know that finances can be limited right now, so we are offering a 15% off coupon for COVID-19 signage, Coronavirus banners and tents, orders placed until Memorial Day, May 25th. You simply need to enter your email on our website to get your coupon emailed directly to you. This offer also includes standard business signage. 

Magnify Signs is one of you: a local company that cares a lot for all local businesses. We believe that together, we can pull through these difficult times and rebound even better than before. Directing traffic, warning visitors of safe social distancing practices and keeping the the general public advised is of the utmost importance. Custom COVID signage for businesses can be turned over quickly to help get you and your employees on the right track to safety. 

It’s a temporary state of emergency

No matter how hard things look at the moment, remember: this is only temporary.

Once this state of emergency has been lifted, businesses will be able to re-open again. We know first-hand how anxious and stressed business owners are in this difficult time. We know how uncertain things are but we also know how crucial it is to help businesses bounce back and become profitable again. Our COVID signage is made to be quick and affordable. 

Planning your next move

Planning your next move is the most constructive and positive way to overcome the COVID-19 crisis.

Now that you have more free time available, you can start designing your sign, choosing from hundreds of materials, colors, and options to best highlight your business.

The choices are almost endless, ranging from outdoor signs to interior signs and even vehicle graphics. In terms of materials, you can choose from acrylic, vinyl, aluminum, or digital signs, among many others. Just think about the best ways to promote your physical business and we will deliver!

For businesses now closed

A sign gets you noticed and lets customers locate you easily. So, why is a sign so important if you’re currently closed?

Simple: once the restrictions are lifted, you’ll want your customers and clients to know you’re open once again.

Once your business is up and running again, you need to encourage your customers to come back. The first thing to do is to let them know you’re open and ready for business. A professional and well-designed sign tells customers you are a competent and solid business ready to provide its services and pick up right where you left.

For businesses still open

Grocery stores, small markets, hospitals, government offices or doctors’ offices… several businesses are still open because they provide essential goods and services. If you are among these, a professional sign will help people know and come to you. If your business fits in this category, we can create custom branded COVID-19 signage to help keep your customers social distancing and keeping your employees safe. 

People are so disoriented and stressed right now, that they really need things to be made clear and easy for them. Make it effortless and straightforward for customers to reach you: put up a professional and eye-catching coronavirus sign to help them understand your policies and operational hours.

Our 15% offer is valid for all businesses. We can deliver your custom sign wherever you are. We ship nationwide and offer a 3-day turnaround on most COVID signs. The sooner you put it up, the more business you will have.

Do I need to do it now?

Our 15% offer is valid until Memorial Day, May 25th. However, the sooner you put up your sign, the faster your profits will increase and the more your business will benefit.

Remember that ‘Now Open’ signs need to be ordered a week before restrictions are lifted to give you plenty of time to install them.

Stand out from the competition

Stand out from your competition by ordering a professional sign to attract customers. Being pro-active now means more business tomorrow. Take advantage of our 15% offer now to build up your profits tomorrow.

The state of emergency will not last forever and we need to be ready for business as usual. All of us at Magnify Signs want to help our local companies rebound and thrive after these difficult times.

Is your business open and you wish to let people know? Is your shop closed and you want to prepare for when it opens again? We can help. Contact us now online or call us on 303-647-9005 to claim your free 15% off coupon!