There are a lot of elements involved in being a business owner – selling, marketing, property maintenance, accounting, employee management, customer service, and more! With so much to worry about, your company’s signage needs might not seem as important. However, signage is a vital element of running a successful business and attracting people to your store or office. What’s more, signage that’s ADA compliant is the law in many states, making it an important addition to your business.

Signs that are ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant are accessible to and readable by everyone, regardless of their physical abilities. Installing custom ADA signs shows that you appreciate all your customers and want them to feel welcome inside your business. Custom ADA signs require a few components, which are outlined below.

                                                                       Basic Elements Of ADA Signage

Fonts And Background:

  • Must use a sans-serif font type
  • Ensure that there’s a minimum of 1/8” between adjoining characters
  • There must be a high light/dark contract between characters and the background
  • The signage should not emit a glare under light that could obstruct its readability

Braille Compliance

  • Tactile lettering is required for guests who are visually impaired
  • Letters must be lowercase, except for proper nouns
  • Braille letters must be rounded


  • Signs used to identify a room must be installed adjacent to the door of the specified room
  • The characters of permanent signs must be located between 48-60” above the ground

Why Does My Business Need Custom ADA Signs?

Running a successful business means attracting a large audience of customers to your workplace and making customer service a priority. Signage that is easy for people with physical limitations or disabilities to access will make all your guests feel more welcome in your space. In turn, your overall rate of customer satisfaction and your company’s positive reputation in your community will increase. What’s more, ADA-compliant signage can also make employees with limitations feel more included, comfortable, and productive in your workspace.

Magnify Signs: Get Quality ADA Signs in Denver For Your Business

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