Avoid Harmful Fines and Bad Reviews

ADA signs are essential to meet federal safety requirements in your building. Compliant ADA signs will have raised tactile letters and pictographs with class 2 tactile braille.  These type of business interior signs will let people with disabilities know that they have access to amenities and features that meet their needs. They usually mark restrooms, wheelchair accessible entrances, and other areas in your building.

Whether you own or manage a hotel, hospital, office, snack area, gift shop, fitness center, among others, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) specifies that you must install a tactile Braille Sign. This way you will keep your business up to code and away from unnecessary fines and bad reviews. Here are some basic requirements for this type of signs:


  • Braille SignSigns that identify certain rooms should be installed adjacent to the door.
  • For a permanent room, the signs must be mounted so the characters are between 48 and 60 inches high.


  • All ADA signs require tactile lettering to assist visually impaired visitors.
  • Uppercase is reserved for proper nouns and names.
  • Tactile lettering must be rounded or domed.

Backgrounds, Characters, and Fonts

  • Sans serif typestyle is the only font accepted.
  • Only non-glare materials are accepted.
  • There should be a minimum 1/8-inch between adjoining characters.
  • Light characters must go against dark backgrounds and dark characters against light backgrounds.

In sum, these signs are vital to making sure that your business is accessible and safe. They keep people safe but also keep you safe from possible blame in the event of an emergency.

Customized ADA Compliant Signs in Colorado

Customized ADA Compliant Signs

ADA Signs can be customized to match your building interior. Magnify Sign team of experts can help you select a design that matches and expresses your company’s image, or create one specifically made for you. Call us at 303-647-9005 to discuss your options.