The Denver Metro Area is home to a number of non-profit organizations that serve underprivileged children. They routinely hold fundraisers and remain visible in the community with a broad range of outreach programs. Part of a successful outreach campaign and gathering attention at such gatherings is the event signage that helps passersby and onlookers to connect with the organization and the cause.

Denver Metro Area Non-profit Signs

We manufactured numerous signage solutions for a variety of organizations.

Clothes To Kids. The group needed to draw attention to its storefront. We manufactured a lightbox cabinet that displays the organization’s name, website address, logo and tagline.

Lightbox cabinet signs for non profits in Denver

Regis Jesuit. Using a coroplast sign, this organization pledged its support to CADRE with the help of book donations.

Coroplast signs for non profits in Denver

Arrupe Jesuit HS. Recognizing sponsors and corporate work-study partners in the banking, hospitality and health care fields, among other niches, we designed and manufactured standard 24″ x 18′ and custom panels as well as coroplast signs.

Custom Signs for Non profits in the Denver Metro Area

CASA. The Court Appointed Special Advocates for children needed a coroplast marker that would highlight the organization and one of its major sponsors.

Denver non profit signage

St. Mary’s Academy. Raising funds for a project calls for dedication and frequent updates. In this case, the group needed an exterior “funds raised to date” sign that featured interchangeable numbers. We manufactured a 96” by 48” white wooden panel with vinyl overlay. The numbers are styrene panels.

Signs for Charities in the Denver Metro Area

Other Signage Options

Drawing attention to your organization’s fundraiser, special event or storefront relies on signage that reels in foot traffic. Draw attention to your cause and offer passersby the opportunity to interact with your group online later on. For this reason, the majority of non-profit signs for the Denver Metro Area display a website address. It allows folks who may be wary of donating their funds to new causes to research the organization at home before making a financial support commitment. Displaying the website address is also a great way of attracting new volunteers.

It does not stop there. Plenty of signage solutions provide your group with the exposure needed to support your cause.

  • Window graphics. Choose window graphics to brand your organization and supply contact information. Use graphics to provide information-at-a-glance about your cause. For example, a group that works with children may display decals featuring playing youngsters. An organization that is dedicated to animal rescues would highlight playing puppies or kittens.
  • A-frames. Place these directly in front of your storefront office into the flow of foot traffic. Doing so introduces your organization to consumers who would otherwise just keep walking. Some of these passersby may turn into visitors to your storefront.
  • Flutter flags. These attention-getters are instrumental in catching the eyes of motorists. If you are holding a fundraiser, which could be a pancake breakfast or a car wash, drive more traffic to your event with the customized flags. They also act as excellent wayfinding tools for events that take place at public settings.

Contact the signage professionals at Magnify Signs for more information on non-profit signage solutions for your group. We look forward to sitting down with your administrative team to discuss the best signs for your cause.

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