You just got your hands on a brand new business sign and couldn’t be happier with the result. After all, outdoor signs are a crucial investment to promote and showcase your business. Now, all you need is to ensure that they engage people effectively and that you are getting the maximum return on your investment.

Where you place your outdoor signs affects how successful they are in attracting attention and turning the people who see them into your customers. Especially for local businesses, location is everything, and will largely determine your sign’s placement.

The perfect spot for your signage also depends on your target area’s demographics. You may choose one signage strategy if your business is located downtown and you rely on passers-by, and a different one if you own a local business and rely mostly on people living in your immediate neighborhood.

The location of your sign depends on the geography surrounding your business as well. Streets, traffic lights, highways, squares, large open areas, tall buildings, and other features, may infer options or influence your choices.

Here are our top tips on where to place your outdoor signs for maximum performance.

On Your Building

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All businesses include their building signs on their shopfront, in the form of channel or dimensional letters, aluminum panels, illuminated cabinets, or even LED signs. There are many reasons why this intuitive placement works so well and why you should pay great attention to the signs on the façade of your business:

  • Marking your business. Signage on your store walls helps people recognize immediately that they have reached your business.
  • Attracting attention. Some argue that signs on buildings don’t do much to entice people to choose your business when they pass by, as passers-by may not even raise their heads to look at the sign hanging over your door. However, building signs do attract attention when people take in your business from a distance as, for example, when someone stands on the opposite side of the street, if your business is located around a square or plaza, or if your building has a large parking lot in front of it.
  • Reinforcing branding. Signs on your building are communicating your brand to those who have already decided to enter your business. Showing your brand in various ways enhances brand recognition and customer loyalty.
  • Making you visible on Google. People who Google your business or search for a local business like yours, often judge you by Google photos of your street and façade. A visible, clean, attractive façade enhances your business’ visibility on search engines and helps your business make a good first impression when people encounter it on the net.

On the Sidewalk in Front of the Building

Business Signage | MagSigns: expert signage services

You can place temporary outdoor signs such as A-frames or blackboards on the sidewalk right in front of your store to display a permanent or changing message.

These signs are particularly effective if your business is on a high-traffic sidewalk, where people hurry by without looking up to see your storefront or sign. An A-frame will attract their attention since it is closer to their eye level and to where they walk.

Business Signage | MagSigns: expert signage services

On the Top of Your Building

Building top signs are generally not visible from your storefront. However, they are visible from a distance, especially to those driving in adjacent streets. Make sure your sign stays visible for anyone driving by.

If there are nearby traffic lights that keep drivers “captive” for a few moments and your rooftop or building top is visible from there, you should consider installing a building-top sign, visible to the traffic. Make it even more attractive by making it eye-catching: install a clock next to it, or an LED  board marking the temperature/weather forecast, or simply opt for a revolving sign. The more creative you are, the better. However, always check with local regulations, as rooftop signs are not permitted in many areas.

On the Street

A street sign is visible from cars and customers passing by and can convert passers-by into customers, especially if you are a local business. It has been calculated that over 80% of small business customers are people who live within a five-mile radius of the business and drive or walk by several times a week. That means they will see your sign several times a week and start remembering that your business is nearby.

If your business relies on passers-by (e.g. a bakery, food store, snacks-and-juice business, etc.) or on people living in the neighborhood (for example, dry-cleaners, shoe repair store, restaurant, tech repair shop, etc.), installing a street sign is a great option to convert passers-by into customers.

At a Nearby Parking Lot

A nearby parking lot, especially if it is a busy one or if it belongs to the shopping center where your business is located, can be an excellent placement for advertisement signs. Add directions to your business on the sign, as well as your business phone number and website address to increase engagement.

Along the Highway

If your business is located close to a highway exit and is related to the highway users somehow (e.g. a hotel, restaurant, car repair shop, food store, etc.), then you should place a sign on the highway, indicating the right exit to reach your business.

Signs on the highway are generally sparse and this means they attract attention easily. Make your sign short to read, visible, illuminate it in the dark hours, and place it at a good distance before the exit to allow drivers enough time to exit the highway safely.

Respect the Regulations

Outdoor signs need to adhere to regulatory specifications. Some apply to your building façade, while others refer to the signs you can place on public spaces, rooftops, sidewalks, streets, and highways. Always ensure you have proper authorization and the necessary paperwork to place an outdoor sign to avoid the risk of having your sign taken down.  

Choose the Right Mix

Think about your signs strategically to increase your business’ visibility:

  • Don’t hesitate to mix and match several types of signage to reach different audiences or target areas that are of interest.
  • Whenever possible, choose locations that are not overcrowded by other signs from competitors or other businesses.
  • Think about your message wisely, so that it is direct and enticing to the demographic you are targeting.
  • Finally, remember that too many signs can be too much, not only for your budget but also for your customers. Be present, without becoming pressing.

To maximize your signs’ effectiveness, consult with your sign provider for possible solutions. Call now 303-647-9005 or contact Magnify Signs online for your free quote!