Whether you’re a new business owner in need of brand new signage or a seasoned one in need of sign replacements, each sign must add to your business’s branding. What should you consider when it comes to your business’s brand and why is the signage you use necessary for promoting it?

What Is The Purpose Of A Business Sign?

The foremost purpose of a business sign is to share basic information like your name, line of work, and location.

However, your sign also tells people much more.

Depending on its design, colors, fonts, materials, and other details, a business sign conveys key facts like your business philosophy, the types of clients and customers you are targeting, and even the price range of your product and services.

It is an initial, crucial introductory communication with your prospective clientele—a vital first impression. And, as they say, you can’t make a second first impression.

Business Signs And Marketing

business-branding-signage-ctdi-metal-sign-interior | Magnify SignsGood signage is also part of your marketing strategy. It is a cost-effective way to show your business on a 24-hour basis. People passing or driving by will notice your signage, consciously or unconsciously. They will memorize it and link it with your business.

Surveys have shown that people need to be reminded eight times of a brand to start noticing it and paying attention to it.

With well-placed signage outside your business, people will get acquainted with your business without you having to spend money on Ads.

As people see your name again and again, the exposure will register your business in their minds. They will know who you are, where your business is, and what it does. Signage is probably the most cost-effective way to remind people of your presence.

Business Signs And Branding

High-quality signage promotes efficiently your brand and business. To maximize its impact, you need consistency throughout your marketing displays.

You probably have letterheads, business cards, a business website, and perhaps even a monthly newsletter with your brand, logo, business name, and catchy slogan.

Well-designed signage will add to your promotional efforts. By keeping it consistent with all your other advertising endeavors, it will become an essential part of your marketing strategy. People will see your brand in social media, magazines, and local newspapers. Then they will recognize your signage and immediately understand who you are.

When your customers are familiar with you, they are more likely to keep coming back. When your brand is strong enough, people will see things in the everyday world that remind them of you and your business.

Having branded signage helps solidify the visual familiarity with your brand.

A Business Sign Is A Cost-Effective Investment

business-branding-signagegeensheen-exterior-sign | Magnify SignsBusiness signage is an investment that will deliver long-term results: once you have installed your signage, you will only need to pay for its maintenance. 

Unlike Ads in newspapers, radio, or social media, your signage will deliver your message all year round without extra cost. Even people who are not immediately interested in your line of business will see your sign. When they need your services, they will know where to go to.

Why Signage Differentiation Matters

Signage that has been thoughtfully designed and professionally produced will strengthen your brand, making it stand out from the competition.

Signage that matches your business and cleverly stays in people’s minds is a profitable way of telling people that you are a professional who cares to invest in their business.

Remember that size doesn’t matter: a huge sign in the wrong place may put people off. Your sign should be appropriately placed where people notice it. It should display your logo and brand, along with any other information you find crucial to convey.

When people are familiar with your brand, a business sign further increases your brand exposure. Effective business signage will help your company register with those familiar with it, but also those who may not know your business as well.

What Makes For A Good Business Sign?

outdoor signsFor your business signage to represent your brand in the best possible way, it needs to combine several key elements, namely consistency, professionalism, and aesthetics:


As mentioned above, consistency is key to business branding. This includes consistency among any advertisements you put out (digitally or printed). Here are some things to consider regarding the design style of each piece of signage you put up in your business space:

  • Font: The fonts you use are great ways to determine the tone of your brand (things like professional, creative, educational, etc.). Because of this, keeping the fonts you use consistent across your business sign designs is imperative. Jumping between random fonts can look messy, unprofessional, and confusing. Stick to 2-3 fonts across all designs, whether that’s with your logo, signage, digital designs, or printed designs. Check out our article on choosing the right font for your business sign for more on this crucial subject.
  • Colors: The colors you choose to use on your signage are central for the visual appeal of your business sign. Being consistent with these colors, however, is even more important. Colors are a big part of your branding so make sure the colors you choose stay the same across every design.
  • Layout: If there is a specific way you outline a lot of your printed or digital designs (such as the alignment of text or where headings are generally used), keep using that general layout for other signs and prints. Of course, the layout will differ depending on what type of sign or other design you require. Even so, trying to keep it somewhat similar can help a lot.


Having signage that matches your branding shows you and your company are professional and detail-oriented. People won’t see you as a professional if the signs in your business’s establishment are mismatched. When people visually experience your professionalism, they will also consider you a professional when they think of your brand.


Your brand should be aesthetically pleasing. Solidifying your brand’s design through your signage is one of the many ways to ensure a consistent aesthetic.

This matters more than you may think. Many studies show people’s behavior can have a strong link to the immediate environment around them. Customers, clients, and guests will feel more at ease when in your business’s establishment if the design of your signs and interior are visually pleasing.

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