Electronic smoking has been trending up in recent years that the activity has been dubbed “Vaping,” named after the vapor created by the e-cigarettes. With the growing trend, the industry is expanding, and stores like Omega Vapes have opened for business. Magnify Signs has a connection with the owners of Omega Vapes, so we helped them open their front doors by providing them with customized signs.

Channel Letters Sign and Logo Box for Omega Vapes

For their exterior sign, above the business’ front door resides two sets of high-performance gold colored LED channel letters spelling out “Omega Vapes” in their brand font. To the left of the letters is a custom logo box of a gold Omega symbol, the company’s logo. The channel letter signs were a requirement set by the building landlord of the strip mall, and are wired to light up when the sunlight goes out.

Cut Vinyl sign for Omega Vapes in Denver, CO

On the front doors, we placed custom cut vinyl on the front glass. The vinyl was cut into their store logo of the golden Omega, as well as the store name in gold-colored vinyl.

Banner for Omega Vapes

To help attract customers, Magnify Signs created two custom print banners for the business to use as a part of their trade show display. We also manufactured two custom print falcon flags for the side of the road by the business, which reads “Vape Shop” and “Happy Hour.”

Light Cabinet Sign for Omega Vapes

The complex provided a backlit sign cabinet slot in the lightbox tower by the parking lot entrance. For Omega Vapes, we placed a translucent cut vinyl in black which reads “Vape Shop.” Just like the channel letters, the translucent vinyl material is designed to light up in the dark when the sunlight goes out, promoting the business 24/7.

Opening up a business can be tough, and requires more custom signage than you think. But fear not, because the sign experts at Magnify Signs have got you covered and we’ll make sure your business can BE SEEN!