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Building signs are a hallmark of commercial property. These signs work to raise awareness of your property, attract visitors, and inform people of where your property is located. Attractive and eye-catching building signs are an essential component of property management. But before you install a building sign on your property, there are four key factors that you need to consider:

Visibility Even the most amazing building sign will be wasted if passersby can’t see it. Take a stroll around your property and assess the visibility of your signage from all angles. If your building sign isn’t visible from the street, you need to relocate your sign or order a new sign. Installing a larger or brighter sign in a more visible location will dramatically increase your sign’s ability catch the eye of people walking or driving past your building.

Location Location is just as important as your building sign’s design to ensure its effectiveness. Signs need to be installed in the most appropriate location (such as an entrance way) and at the right height to attract attention. If your sign is placed too low or too high in comparison to eye-level, passersby will likely miss it.

Impression Your signage tells people a lot about your business, and first impressions are everything. If your building sign is old, broken, or generally run-down, passersby will get the impression that your property isn’t cared for or maintained. Signage that looks modern, new, and attractive will make your property look more inviting and create a better first impression.

Information You might want your property sign to include information that directs people to visit your website or contact you by phone or email. If your signage contains no information beyond your property’s name, you may be missing out on potential clients or tenants. It’s also important to ensure that the text is large enough for passersby to read. If your contact information is too small to be read clearly, people will simply walk or drive past your business without taking action.

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