Using the right signs in a school facility can be a wonderful way to provide directions or information to all members of the school community. From custom lobby signs that welcome visitors at the entrance to interior way-finding signage that help people find individual classrooms and administrative offices, effective signage is a critical component for well-run schools.

While standard signs may do the trick, when you add custom signs to your school facility, you’ll be adding something special that can really make an institution stand out from the rest. Custom building signs and other customizable options can be a high-quality and stylish alternative to traditional school signs. For instance, electronic message centers are ideal building signs for schools, as they can be updated hourly or daily to promote upcoming activities, and notify students and parents of recent events, changes, and closures. Monument signs and pole signs can integrate electronic message centers to help make them an architectural component of your building.

At Magnify Signs, we offer fully customizable signs that can be made to meet your specific needs. From the material, size, colors, and the message, your signage will reflect your school’s individual requirements.

Three Unique Ways To Use Custom School Signs

School signs are the best way to keep students informed, promote upcoming events, and recognize special achievements. However, in addition to necessary signage like interior way-finding signage and an exterior building sign, there are plenty of ways to use custom signage to elevate your school’s image and build a unified community.

Inspire Success & Encourage Engagement

Custom signs are an excellent way to ensure that students are aware of all upcoming activities and events. Whether you want a sign to announce exams, honor graduates, or encourage students to try something new, a custom banner can be just what you need to grab their attention.

Boost School Spirit

If you’re looking for ways to foster pride and spirit among students, alumni, and faculty, custom building signs and custom lobby signs can be a great option. They can be designed to increase awareness about the school, display the history of the institution, and bring school spirit to the forefront for all those engaged in the school community. Lobby logo signs, featuring your school crest, are particularly impactful. Remember that your school’s office lobby sign will also be frequently seen by parents, and a beautiful lobby logo sign will help reinforce their pride and confidence in their child’s school.

Highlight Achievements

Are all your school’s achievements properly displayed and communicated to everyone that visits the school? Use custom signs to show visitors and guests how proud you are of awards, milestones, and the history of your school. A unified and cohesive signage display can not only help inform people about your school but will also help create a positive reputation in the community and the district.

Create Custom School Signs With Magnify Signs

Magnify Signs can create durable, high-quality custom signs for your school. Our team will listen to your requirements and needs and then work with you to create unique signs that improve your school space and help make it a welcoming and encouraging place to be. To get started, contact us today and tell us more about what you need and how we can help.