Professional property signs matter! Proper building signage will have a direct impact on keeping properties leased or rented and attracting customers to retail spaces. It is the property manager’s job to help ensure the success and profitability of real estate, commercial, or retail properties, and building signs are one of the key tools to create that success. 

Types Of Property Management Signage

For a properly managed building, there are a variety of required sign types, each of which plays an important role. Overlooking any type of professional signage can send the wrong message to both customers and tenants. What’s more, investing in quality building signs sends a positive message that the building is well cared for.

The most common and most helpful types of building and commercial signage that property managers should consider include:Top Building Signs Every Property Manager Needs

  • Safety Signs: Property managers need to treat health and safety as a serious issue. Proper building signs that indicate handicap parking, uneven pathways, stairs, or other types of hazards will limit accidents and injuries and protect the building from potential liabilities.
  • Wayfinding Signs: Make your properties welcoming and easy to navigate. Have custom wayfinding signs created for each property to indicate where to find the leasing office, parking, garbage chutes, specific units in the complex, and any other helpful directional details. Wayfinding signs enable visitors to have a more positive experience when visiting the property.
  • Commercial Leasing Signs: If you have spaces for rent or lease in the building, you can use professional building signs to share details and contact information.

How To Support Tenants With Their Building Signage Needs

If you work with commercial or retail spaces in your property management role, you may be asked by tenants for suggestions and options for effective custom interior signs and outdoor signs for their business. When helping your tenants with their professional signage needs, be sure to provide them with any guidelines required by the building. Informing them of requirements ahead of time can help limit issues and disputes at a later date.

The following guidelines can help tenants have a positive signage experience:

  • Find A Good Signage Partner: Working with a professional signage company that has lots of experience in commercial signage will save you time and money. They can also offer their ideas and expertise when it comes to signs that will work for your property. An experienced signage company should also be well versed in sign permits and bylaws.
  • Tenants need to consider how a sign will hold up over time. What will repair, replacement, or other maintenance needs cost? Things such as lightbulb replacement or the weather conditions in your area should be discussed.
  • Cost: Great signs add value to your property. While it can be tempting to cut corners and go with cheaper signage options, think about what kind of investment you want to make in the appearance of the building. Choose signs that will send the right message to your tenants and customers.

Find Custom Interior Signs And Exterior Signs At Magnify Signs

It can be hard to decide what the right look and feel for each property should be. At Magnify Signs, we take pride in helping your property to stand out. We are always striving to help our clients grow their businesses, and we know that we can cover all your building and commercial signage needs – let us help you “be seen” with amazing signage! Call us at 303-647-9005 to set up a complimentary onsite signage assessment.