It may not be something you think about often, but professional signage is essential for both the successful operation and public appearance of a church. There are a wide variety of signs that are used by churches, which can include interior wayfinding signage, an exterior building monument sign, an electronic message center, or signs that are used on a temporary basis for fundraising and church events. To ensure that your church has the signage it needs, we’re sharing information on both exterior and interior signage that may help support the work you do.

 Top Options For Effective Church Signs

When choosing signs for your church, it’s important to keep in mind that every sign you use should be consistent and have a cohesive look with all other signs that represent the church. Even functional signage such as directional wayfinding signage can still be branded in a way that represents the values and mission of your church. Let’s take a look at some specifics.

  1. Indoor Church Signs. All churches have a wide variety of indoor signage needs to help patrons and guests feel at home when they participate in any worship service or event. Interior wayfinding signage helps both new and returning worshipers know where to go by relieving the stress of finding the chapel, classrooms, or other facilities within the building. Some of the most needed directional wayfinding signage includes labeling doors, washrooms, classrooms, offices, the nursery, and other rooms in the building. Signage can be directly related to Sunday church services, the administration of the building, or congregational needs such as the Pastor’s office or custodial closet.The ability to provide orderly worship services, coupled with a professional appearance and a good overall experience are just a few of the reasons why high-quality indoor signage is needed in every church.
  1. Church Events & Instructional Signs. Churches also tend to have a great need for temporary signs to be used at events, classes, and other community meetings held inside the facility. Retractable banners, coroplast signs, and vinyl banners are popular choices for promoting upcoming events, advertising service hours, and welcoming or encouraging people to attend.
  1. Outdoor Church Signs. Monument signs are popular choices for exterior church signage. In addition to a monument sign, there are plenty of other exterior church signage needs. Remember that professional exterior signs attract attention, provide information, help attract new people, and make your church easier to find. Professional exterior signage can also be used to inform guests about parking, administrative hours, no trespassing, and more. Whether you have a large or small congregation, outdoor signage is necessary to help alleviate traffic and confusion, as well as indicate any outdoor facilities available. Digital signage, such an electronic message center, can also be installed inside or outside your parish to quickly update your community about events, share timely information, and more.

Need Help With Your Church Signage?

Magnify Signs is here to help. We’ll put our 30 years of expertise to work in order to help your church find the right signage solutions. Our team can design, create and install indoor, outdoor, and temporary signage. Find the right custom architectural signage in Denver that will help your church serve the community in a positive and welcoming way. Contact us and tell us more about your church’s needs and let us find signage and design options that will work for you.