Some business signs are designed to tell people who you are and reinforce your branding efforts in the marketplace.

However, there are other business signs that are designed to help your visitors understand where they are while exploring your environment, so they can head in the right direction and comfortably reach their desired destination. These signs, called indoor directional signs or custom wayfinding signs, can make all the difference between impressed vs. frustrated visitors.

What Are Indoor Directional Signs?

Indoor directional signs are typically made from acrylic (or another suitable material). As noted above, their primary purpose is to point visitors in the right direction. This not only makes your guests happy, but keeps your busy staff from having to continuously field common questions like: “Where do I find the customer service department?”, “Which way to the elevator?”, and “Where is the office directory?” When installed indoors or outdoors, custom wayfinding signs can also be illuminated to be clearly viewed at night or in dim lighting.

External Applications

You can also install directional signs in your parking lot and throughout your external grounds, in order to point drivers to their desired destination (i.e customer pick-up, shipping, security, etc.).

Enhance Your Brand

Whether installed internally or externally, custom wayfinder signs enhance your brand by featuring your corporate colors, logo, and any other visual elements. As a result, they will integrate seamlessly with your custom lobby signs, ADA signs, banners, and other branded signage.

Go Digital

Another way to reap the rewards of custom wayfinder signs is by adding a QR code that visitors can scan with their smartphone to quickly find their desired suite, department, or other destination. And if you leverage geo-fencing technologies, you can usher them in real-time with step-by-step directions.

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