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Whether your sign will be displayed on big billboards around town or printed on smaller interior office signage, worry not. Designing eye-catching graphics for your signs is easier when you partner with the experts at Magnify Signs. Check out some useful tips to make your next signage project a success!

Sign Graphic Design Tips

Sign design requires attention to size and scale, contrast, and simplicity for the most impact. To design attractive graphics for your indoor and outdoor signs in Denver, follow these steps:

Vinyl Wall Graphics in the Denver Metro Area

Wall Graphics

  • Understand the business or brand you are marketing
  • Stay with a single idea and translate it into one image
  • Use few words, and eliminate everything else
  • Stick with a simple typography and message
  • Choose colors wisely. Take into account branding and identity, and contrast and visibility
  • Use bright and saturated, and stay away from light colors or pastels
  • Select colors that have a lot of contrast
  • Make the product and logo bold
  • Pick a single image or graphics and go big with it
  • Never use a blue background

You can use this new knowledge to design compelling graphics to incorporate in wall graphics, interior office signage, window graphics, and more.

Overall, signs have the potential to be outstanding, but they can also fail miserably. If too many colors or ideas are used, or you fail to identify the product clearly, the sign will be completely useless. Every focal point needs to be easily distinguishable.

interior office signage in Denver

Acrylic Lobby Sign for Ingredion Ingredient Solutions office in Centennial, CO

Create Simple, Effective Signage with The Experts

Beyond taking into account the tips mentioned above, the expert sign designers from Magnify Signs will help you decide the best type of material to print your custom graphics. You can print them on vinyl banners, billboards (print or digital), corrugated plastic, magnetic and others. But the sign material can vary depending on use. If you are not sure what option is best for your signs, call us at 303-647-9005.

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