We’ve talked before about wayfinding signage and how important it is for your business. In fact, some may argue it is the most important type of signage! To review, the purpose of wayfinding signage is to direct, inform, and guide people who are unfamiliar with the environment. In order to effectively direct people, relevant and important information needs to be clearly displayed strategically throughout your facility. In addition, effective directional wayfinding signs have to be in the right place, provide the most logical directions, and be noticeable.

However, efficient wayfinding signage doesn’t have to be uniform or boring. In fact, taking the time to create custom wayfinding signs is an excellent way to separate your business from the rest and to use a functional element to cement your brand image. By exploring the options for directional wayfinding signs, it is easy to see that working with a signage partner to customize your signs is a worthwhile activity.

Putting Custom Wayfinding Signs To Work For You

When people find themselves in unfamiliar surroundings, they look for two things:

  • Confirmation about where they are and where their current destination is in relation to where they want to be.
  • Directional wayfinding signs that helps direct them to their destination, such as overhead or wall signs, that may include arrows or text with descriptions on locations and how to find different sections or amenities.

Choosing to customize your wayfinding signage will help to increase the effectiveness of your signs, as well as increase the chances that they will be interpreted correctly. Here’s why:

  1. Customization means that you have a say in where and how your signs are displayed. That means that the location and installation of the signs can be uniquely consistent across your entire facility or across multiple locations. As people frequent your location, it is easier to perceive and interpret a sign if its placement can be easily predicted.
  2. Choosing to use custom wayfinding signs also means that your design can be consistent with the rest of the signage you use across your business. Color codes, pictograms, typography, and nomenclature, among other aspects, can remain unchanged and accurately reflect your brand and your company’s culture.
  3. Customization always demonstrates that you value the way your business comes across to your customers. Directional wayfinding signage may need to be produced for function, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find a way to elevate it to support your business’s success.

Well-designed, custom wayfinding signage starts with understanding your environment and how to maximize communication with your audience. To create a well-designed custom wayfinding signage system, consider the following factors:

  • Signs are the appropriate size and allow you to include your logo.
  • Information and branding messages can be easily read.
  • Signs are well located and ADA compliant.
  • Information is clear, relevant and uses your company voice.
  • Sign design is consistent with your brand.
  • Exterior and interior signs work in harmony.
  • Sign systems offer flexibility for required updates and additions.

Creating Wayfinding Signage That Works

Magnify Signs will work with you ensure that your wayfinding signs provide simplicity, clarity and brand awareness instead of creating clutter and confusion. We can offer you a number of choices in both material and design, and will make certain that both aesthetics and effectiveness are maintained when creating your wayfinding signage. Contact us today 303-647-9005 or request a free quote.